Why can't I use my game token(s)?

If you are an active MSN Games Discount Program subscriber and cannot use your game token(s) please ensure the following:

-Make sure you are signed into your Microsoft Account and currently have game tokens to use.

-If you are logged in, it will say "Welcome," with your email address in the top right of the Games Manager.

-Once logged in, you should be able to access your "Membership Info" tab, by clicking on "My Account" and then "Membership"


If you have confirmed you are logged in and have Game Credits available, the next step is to confirm the game is game token applicable. 

While game tokens can be redeemed on the vast majority of our game catalog, there are a couple of exceptions.  They are listed below.


Sale Games or Steals and Deals

Games that are on sale and cost less than $6.95 (the game token price) will not let you use a game token to purchase them as it is not cost effective. The shopping cart will default to the best value.

Here is an example of a game which is on sale game in the shopping cart:



Premium Collector's Editions or Super Pack games

Not too long ago casual games were to be considered low budget - cheap and fast to produce.  Over the last couple years they have become much more popular, players have become more sophisticated, and the bar has been raised. Audiences now have much higher expectations in regards to art, music, and the overall production value of their casual games. While the production value of casual games kept going up, the cost of the games kept dropping. In order to continue to bring you the highest quality games possible, we have made these collector's edition and premium titles available to our users at the cost we are able to. In some cases, we have created Super Packs for game series which contains many games in one 'Pack'. Usually these games can be obtained individually with a game token. The game packs are designed to give players the biggest bang for their buck for the amount of title for the listed price.


Here is an example of a Collector's Edition game which is in the shopping cart for cash:

*In the example above the subscription only has 1 game token available



Some games can use 2 game tokens, if this applies the cart will automatically do this for you.

Here is an example of a game which can use 2 game tokens in the shopping cart:


*In the example above the subscription has 2 games token available.






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