What is a Microsoft Account?

A "Microsoft Account" (formally known as "Windows Live ID") is a type of account offered by Microsoft which lets you combine a number of different services offered by them. For more information about this type of account, please visit Microsoft by clicking HERE or copy and paste this link:

To login to the account please go to click HERE or copy and paste this link:

If you are encountering errors with your Microsoft Account you will need to use the support links provided on the sign in page or contact MSN support directly by clicking HERE or copy and paste this link:

Unfortunately here, while we support MSN Download Games, we do not have the capability to provide support for Microsoft Accounts.

Once you are logged in to your Microsoft Account, you can select the MSN games category and then you will automatically gain access to your MSN Download Games account.

Please keep in mind that in order to access your MSN Games Discount Program subscription, you will need to log into the Microsoft Account that the subscription was started under.

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