Why am I receiving the error message "Failed to get game ID" or "Not connected to the internet?"

If you are receiving the error message:  "Failed to get game ID" (with a string of numbers) or "Not connected to the internet", there are several possibilities that may be causing it.  Either security software is preventing your download of the game or there is a server timeout allowing this to happen.  We suggest the following to minimize the inconvenience and get your games up and running.

Make sure your antivirus software and firewall settings are set to allow iWin as a trusted site.  If you suspect one or more of these may be blocking your internet browser, please refer to the original vendor of your security software for further troubleshooting information. Click HERE for an article explaining why some antivirus software may cause problems for your game installations and links to the support pages of some of the most common antivirus companies.

Be sure your internet connection is working to optimal levels.  If you are running other web applications that are using your bandwidth resources, close them to give your installation unfettered access.  Sometimes DNS servers have caching issues and can take up to 24 hours to be corrected.  This is typically a problem related to your ISP and not from  If none of the other suggestions make a difference, you may want to wait to see if the problem automatically corrects itself. 

To test any connection issues:
Click "Start."
Click "Run."  In Windows Vista or Windows 7 you will click on "search".
Type "cmd" and press enter.
At the prompt that appears, type "ping" 
You should see successful contact with a reply almost immediately.  If you do not, the problem you are experiencing is almost certainly either your internet connection and/or permission settings or security settings forbidding you access to our site.


Click HERE for instructions on reinstalling the Pogo Game Manager to ensure that you have the most up-to-date version!

Click HERE  for instructions on reinstalling your games.

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