Why can't I uninstall or remove a game?

The suggestion provided below to remove unwanted games may be unexpected, but there's a reason for it: if your game installation is incomplete (or you've uninstalled the game from your computer's control panel instead of the Pogo Game Manager), the portion of the program responsible for uninstalling may be missing and you probably are receiving an error message.

To ensure a full uninstall, it's best to have the complete full version of the program.

You'll need to download the game again onto your computer to uninstall it. The error message you are getting is because the portion of the program that handles the uninstallation has been removed for whatever reason. Once you reinstall the trial version of the game, you'll be able to remove it normally.


The following pertains to "Jewel Quest III", but the information applies to every Pogo Download Games Center game. You can install the game on your computer by downloading the game and saving the game's installer to your computer.

The Pogo Game Manager should open giving you the time remaining status for your game to complete download.

When the download finishes, you will receive a prompt to "Play Now."


To uninstall a game from the Pogo Game Manager, simply click the red "X" button next to the game's listing from the "My Games"section of the Pogo Game Manager.

The above should work in nearly every case. However, if you are still unable to delete the game (or if the game is no longer on our site to reinstall) please complete the following steps...

Click the "Start" icon.

 Go to "My Computer".

Go to C drive (or the letter designation for the drive name your games are stored on).

Open the "Program Files" folder.

Locate the Pogo Download Games Center folder and open it.

Locate the game file you wish to remove.

Right click on it and delete.

If the game still shows up in your Pogo Game Manager, reinstall your manager...

Click the “Start” icon.

 Click on “Control Panel."

Select the “Add or Remove programs” (listed as "Programs and Features" for Windows 7 users) utility.

Find the Pogo Game Manager program and uninstall it. You may see a warning that appears like the image below. Uninstalling the Pogo Game Manager does not delete your games.

The Pogo Game Manager should now be fully uninstalled.

Click HERE to reinstall the Pogo Game Manager.

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