I get the error "General Extraction Error Location ES1". What can I do?

We understand some Windows users on occasion experience trouble running some games, characterized by the error message:"GENERAL EXTRACTION ERROR LOCATION ES1"

Here are some instructions that have allowed many users to overcome the issue.

- Right-click on a game shortcut (or the shortcut to the Pogo Game Manager itself)
- Choose "Properties"
- Click the "Compatibility" tab.
- Uncheck the box that says "Run this program in compatibility mode for"
Click "OK."

If this fails please report the following in a support ticket:

-Whether your version of Windows is an upgrade from a previous version of Windows or a new Computer one which had Windows pre-installed on it.
-Game titles affected and time of last attempted installation.

As far as games that need the compatibility box checked to run, can you let us know which ones? If we can confirm that they only run in compatibility mode, we may need to be republish them or contact the original developers for updated versions that do not require the compatibility mode.

In some situations users have also found disabling the Data Execution Tab may help resolve the issue. Please click HERE for a Microsoft article explaining how to do so.


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